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Welcome to our daffodil selection! 

DUTCH MASTER...  Early blooms, large trumpet, all yellow.  24" tall.                         

CAVALIERO....early blooms, bright orange cup on yellow petals.  20 inches tall.  Best if in partial shade as rim of cup can sunburn.

HOLLYWOOD   early blooms, soft orange cup on yellow petals.  20" tall.  

ICE FOLLIES....yellow cup with white petals.  This variety is unique in that the yellow cup soon turns to a frosty yellow and then transforms to pure white as the flower matures.  18 inches tall.  Very hardy and proliferous.  Mid spring bloom.

INCA GOLD... A deeper golden yellow than the others.  A big flower of all yellow.  24 inches tall.  Hardy.  Mid Spring bloom.

Carbineer...Late daff.,20" tall, yellow with bi-color cup. 

UNSURPASSABLE/INCA GOLD MIX...   Large trumpet,  all yellow, 24 inches tall.  Mid spring bloomer.  

Mix...SOLD OUT a mixture of early, medium and late varieties offering your garden an extended bloom time.  We hand mix this to be sure that you have a great assortment of varieties.