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Welcome to our daffodil selection: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

DUTCH MASTER...  SOLD OUT Early blooms, large trumpet, all yellow.  24" tall.                          $25.00 per 25lb. bag

CAVALIERO....SOLD OUT early blooms, bright orange cup on yellow petals.  20 inches tall.  Best if in partial shade as rim of cup can sunburn.$5.00 per 10

ICE FOLLIES....SOLD OUT yellow cup with white petals.  This variety is unique in that the yellow cup soon turns to a frosty yellow and then transforms to pure white as the flower matures.  18 inches tall.  Very hardy and proliferous.  Mid spring bloom. $7.00 per 10

INCA GOLD... SOLD OUT A deeper golden yellow than the others.  A big flower of all yellow with the classic trumpet.  24 inches tall.  Hardy.  Mid Spring bloom. 

Carbineer...SOLD OUT Late daff.,20" tall, yellow with bi-color cup.  $5.00 per 10 

UNSURPASSABLE/INCA GOLD MIX...  SOLD OUT  Large trumpet,  all yellow, 24 inches tall.  Mid spring bloomer.   $14.99 per 50 

Mix... SOLD OUT a mixture of early, medium and late varieties offering your garden an extended bloom time.  We hand mix this to be sure that you have a great assortment of varieties.  $14.99 per 50