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Don't have a lot of room in your yard for the big daffodils?   Then these are perfect instead.  They provide a vibrant color spot for even the smallest of areas.  They work great in a pot also! 

TETE A TETE.... 6 inches tall.  Clusters of all-yellow mini daffs.  Early flowering. Great in a pot or in the yard.   $5.99 per 10 bulbs.  $12.99 PER 25 bulbs;  $20 per 50 bulbs.                                           

JACK SNIPE....    single, yellow cup with whtie petals, 8 inches tall. Mid spring bloom. Great touch of spring.  $5.99 per 10 bulbs.  $20.00 per 50 bulbs.

JET FIRE....mid bloom time, bright orange cups on bright yellow petals.  8 inches tall. Great color spot.  $5.99 per 10 bulbs.