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Once a year, for a short time, we offer this unique opportunity to send a big bouquet of our fresh cut daffodils from here in the northwest to someone special.  We call it our "Mailer Box".  Price includes shipping and taxes!

Shipping to addresses in WA and OR  $26.99

Shipping to addresses in other states  $33.99

To take advantage of this offer you have two options to place an order with us:  1) Call our store between 10 am and 5 pm (west coast time) at 360-482-5566 and order directly with our staff. Or, 2)  click on and print out our "Mailer Box Order Form" link to the left, fill it out and send it to us with your payment. 


     We hand pick 30 yellow daffodils while they are still in a tight bud stage.  We prepare them for shipment by precooling them, allowing the ends of their stems to seal in moisture, and then we carefully package them in a box with greens, care instructions, and an enclosure card that offers a personal message from you.  We ship them via Priority Rush through the U.S. Post Office. When this box is received by your special friends or family the daffodils are just beginning to open.   Once they have followed the enclosed directions the daffodils bloom into a cheerful bouquet of spring color within 24 hours and last for days.

    We ship our mailer boxes on only Monday's and Tuesday's.  This ensures that the cut flowers will arrive during the current week and not sit in transit over a weekend. 

(Vase not included)                                                                       


We also offer our local customers, who can come into our store, the opportunity to purchase a Mailer Box for $13.99 (plus sales tax) and ship it yourselves. It's easy to mail at your local post office or United Parcel Service store.  We reccommend using the USPS Priority Rush option or the UPS 2nd Day Air service.  You want it to arrive in 3 days or less, and making sure to send it early in the week so that it does not sit in transit over a weekend. 


Note:  Satsop Bulb Farm cannot be held responsible for delivery delays due to wrong addresses, extreme weather conditions, government mandated agricultural inspections or recipients unavailable to receive deliveries.